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Globo Quartet, 1 Premio della Critica 1994
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Giorgio Gaslini: piano/piano
Daniele DiGregorio: vibrafono, marimba, percussioni/vibraphone, marimba, percussion
Roberto Bonati: basso/bass
Giampiero Prina: batteria/drums


Registrato nel Mu Rec Studio - Milano 11-15 gennaio 1994/Recorded at Mu Rec Studio, Milan, Italy, January 11-15, 1994. Includes liner notes by Gunthur Schuller
Ingegnere/Engineer: Gennaro Carone
Produttore/Producer: Giovanni Bonandrini
Copertina/Cover: Pino Ninfa

Down Beat (1/95, p.46) : 3 Stars - Good - "...ambitiously varied....Any one of this album's four motifs might have provided...[Gaslini] with a stunning record. But taken together, his snazzy extended-form cantos, his Ellingtonia, his loving take on Herbie Nichols, and (whew!) his Western suite with Far East seasonings all make for a rather diffuse mix..."





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  Lampi (Lightnings) - Suite in 5 movements (Giorgio Gaslini)  
    Lupus In Fabula 4.12
    Pulsazioni Incrociate (Crossed Pulsations) 6.47
    Aura 5.12
    Take Four 6.38
    Lampi (Lightnings) 4.47
2   Canto Alto (High Chant) (Giorgio Gaslini) 7.42
3   Ellington Portrait (transcription by Giorgio Gaslini) 8.57
    Morning Glory (Duke Ellington)  
    Echoes of Harlem (Duke Ellington)  
    I'm Beginning To See The Light (Rory M. Bourke)  
4   Myanmar Suite (Giorgio Gaslini) 8.25
5   Trittico For Herbie Nichols (Giorgio Gaslini) 12.55
6   Myanmar Suite (second version) (Giorgio Gaslini)* 12.18
    * Moe-Moe Yee: Arpa Birmana/Burmese harp

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Moe-Moe Yee: Arpa Birmana