Giorgio Gaslini / Milano, 22 october 1929
On movie set "La notte"
Alceo Guatelli, Eraldo Volontè, Giorgio Gaslini,
Jeanne Moreau, Ettore Ulivelli, Marcello Mastroianni.
With Roswell Rudd

With Antony Braxton

With Eddie Gomez


Piano player, composer, orchestra conductor, jazz musician.
Pianist, composer, orchestra conductor borned in Milan, a jazz musician of international fame, Mr. Gaslini has to his credit more than three thousand concerts and a hundred CDs, and is a 10 time Critics Award winner.

Also active in contemporary music, after having earned six diplomas at the Milan Conservatory, he has composed symphonic works, operas and ballets for the La Scala Theater and for many other major Italian venues. His operas are published by Universal Edition in Vienna and by Suvini & Zerboni in Milan.

A musical trendsetter, Mr. Gaslini has brought music to young people in schools, universities, factories, and psychiatric hospitals and he has held concerts and participated in festivals in 60 other nations.

He was awarded high honors in Jazz at the conservatories S. Cecilia in Rome (1972-73) and G. Verdi in Milan (1979-80), and has helped to promote a new generation of talented musicians. He has also helped promote the study of jazz as a legitimate art and musical form in all the Italian conservatories.

Mr. Gaslini has collaborated with and written music for the most prestigious theater and television directors.

He has composed numerous movie soundtracks: his music for the film “La Notte” by Michelangelo Antonioni its famous, and was awarded the Silver Ribbon. He collaborated also with directors like Carlo Lizzani, Miklos Jancso and Dario Argento.

He is the author of the books “Music Totale [Total Music]” (Feltrinelli), “Tecnica e arte del Jazz [The Technique and Art of Jazz]” (Ricordi), and “Il tempo del musicista totale [The Time of the Total Musician]” (Baldini e Castoldi).

His suites “Pierrot Solaire” and “Skies of Europe” obtained European success with the Italian Instabile Orchestra.

In 1996 he composed “Mister O,” the first Italian jazz opera for the Romano Theater in Verona. 1n 1997 the Soul Note published a CD of his collected works, and in the same year he donated thousands of discs, books, original scores to the town of Lecco, and subsequently in 2001 created near the Villa Gomes the Gaslini Musical Found for all young musicians and students.

In 2002 the President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, conferred unto him the career prize: a diploma and gold medal in recognition of his contributions to culture and art.

In the summer of 2003 he had great success with the project “U (Ulisse) [Ulysses],” performed at the archeological site Carsulae in Terni, Italy. The piece was performed by his quintet, the American jazz trio Uri Caine, and in collaboration with director Marco Paolini and the scenic designer Arnaldo Pomodoro.

In 2006 Dutch label Mirasound published the CD of his “Sinfona delle Valli [Symphony of the Valleys]” for two orchestras and choir (150 performers in total), conducted by Lorenzo della Fonte. The label Velut Luna put out a box set of 5 CDs of his “Song Book”: 100 songs with texts by the author. In the works now is a box set of his “Lieder Book”: 30 lieder with texts by the author.

In 2008/9 he performed the film concerto “a Michelangelo Antonioni, Fonte Funda Suite—La Notte [To Michelangelo Antonioni, Fonte Funda Suite—Night]” at the Dal Verma theater, in the Pirelli di Milano skyscraper auditorium, and at the Ravenna Festival, following the CD Soul Note and the DVD by F. Leprino.

At the same time the International Festival Mi-To at the Manzoni Theater in Milan dedicated to him the concerto “Giorgio Gaslini, Composer and Pianist,” the world premieres of his new works “Ritual,” “Interludio” (Piano Improvisations) and “Peintres au Cafè-Sonnat” performed with the piano duo Paola Biondi and Debora Brunialti, the percusisonist Maurizio Ben Omar, and the video of the concert filmed by Francesco Leprino.

In 2009, the book “Giorgio Gaslini, lo sciamano del Jazz [Giorgio Gaslini, the Shaman of Jazz]”, written by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini published by Silvana Editoriale and the DVD with the first performance of Gaslini’s composition “Il Bosco di Beyus [The Forest of Beyus]” in the field of Parma Frontiere.

In addition, the interview book with Giorgio Gaslini edited by Davide Ielmini is coming out.

On March 29th 2009 at the Filodrammatici Theater in Milan he was awarded the prestigious prize “Milano Per La Musica [Milan for the Music].”