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Skies of Europe
Italian Instabile Orchestra, 1 Premio della Critica 1995
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Pino Minafra : tromba, megafono/trumpet, megaphone
Alberto Mandarini : tromba/trumpet
Guido Mazzon : tromba/trumpet
Giancarlo Schiaffini : trombone, tuba/trombone, tuba
Lauro Rossi : trombone/trombone
Sebi Tramontana : trombone/trombone
Martin Mayes : french horn, mellophone/French horn, mellophone
Mario Schiano : sax alto e sax soprano/alto & soprano saxophones
Gianluigi Trovesi : sax alto, clarinetto, clarinetto alto e basso/alto saxophone, clarinet, alto & bass clarinets
Carlo Actis Dato : sax baritono e tenore, clarinetto basso/baritone & tenor saxophones, bass clarinet
Daniele Cavallanti : sax tenore e baritono/tenor & baritone saxophones
Eugenio Colombo : sax alto e sax soprano, flauto/alto & soprano saxophones, flute
Renato Geremia : violino/violin
Paolo Damiani : cello/cello
Giorgio Gaslini : piano/piano
Bruno Tommaso : basso doppio/double-bass
Tiziano Tononi : batteria, percussioni/drums, percussion
Vincenzo Mazzone : timpani, percussioni, batteria/tympani, percussion, drums


The world of communication with the knowledge of information and all of those concepts one uses for expressing and learning. Music includes any form of knowledge and information to be used as a musical form of expression - for the sound, beauty and emotional experiences. Here is a very knowledgeable and intelligent orchestra by the name of "The Italian Instabile Orchestra", made up of composers and players as one. The orchestra has eighteen members and they play molto-molto-bella. Italy has one of the oldest relationships to the European community including the invention of the method for vocal and instrumental note reading, as in: Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Do, wich has not changed to this day.
Giorgio Gaslini, Bruno Tommaso, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Mario Schiano, Gianluigi Trovesi, Carlo Actis Dato, Eugenio Colombo, Paolo Damiani, Guido Mazzon, Pino Minafra, Daniele Cavallanti, Alberto Mandarini, Lauro Rossi, Sebi Tramontana, Renato Geremia, Martin Mayes, Tiziano Tononi and Vincenzo Mazzone, all are excellent players in their own rights. Their performances have a collective concept of sound democracy. The "Skies of Europe" by Gaslini is a very good omen for the orchestra as well as a great honor to European and Italian artists who've made a contribution to the European community. Bruno Tommaso dedicated "Il Maestro Muratore" to the workers, builders and architects of that community. This is a glorious theme anthem with the movement telling the story of beauty in Europe.
The Instabile Orchestra players are heading towards the creative expression of the 21st century. Let's not forget the stones, rivers, eyes, ears and skies of Europe. Listen to the music, it will tell you why. Ornette Coleman
The Italian Instabile Orchestra is an 18-piece ensemble of composers & performers are widely credited with the revival of Italian jazz this decade. This leaderless band is drawn from 3 generations of Italian jazz.
For Skies of Europe ECM commissioned suite-length compositions by Giorgio Gaslini and Bruno Tommaso, both works ideal for the orchestra's eccentric cast of jazz originals.


For years, jazz in Italy has been undergoing a popular awakening, and skilled, home-grown players have been sprouting up like weeds. The recent movement seems to draw inspiration from both Italian classical music and American avant-garde jazz musicians like Ornette Coleman and Steve Lacy.
One of Italy's most exciting jazz groups is an ongoing experiment in musical democracy called the Italian Instabile Orchestra; it unites top Italian players, including pianist/composer Giorgio Gaslini, in a jazz orchestra with no leader and little organization. Despite its "instability," the orchestra combines pleasant melodies and sonic experimentation on Skies of Europe. Named after Ornette Coleman's 1972 symphonic masterpiece Skies of America, the album is obviously influenced by both Federico Fellini and Louis Armstrong.
Though the liner notes describe the Orchestra's predilection for musical narrative, to say Skies of Europe tells a story would be an understatement - it seems to tell at least 50 and insinuate more. Beginning with anthemic fanfare , the first of the album's two musically dense pieces moves quickly to a chaotic peak, then turns into a bizarre march with sharp yells and barking noises. Then the Orchestra's playing turns toward bluesy jazz, as though it were in a New Orleans bordello rather than a European concert hall.
Both the Orchestra's setup and its sublime musical theatrics convey plenty of Utopian hopes, and it's certainly nice to be reminded of Italy's progressive side rather than the more commercial culture sold to Americans by Georgio Armani in gallerias across the country. The Orchestra's members are musical heroes who carry a message of real-life creative democracy, unlike pop icons who massage their egos spouting "We Are the World"-style political slogans. Hearing this wildly beautiful music will shame anyone who has ever attempted to rule creativity with an iron hand.
John Alderman






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Il Maestro Muratore (Tommaso)
  Il maestro muratore  
2   Squilli di morte  
3   Corbù  
4   Merù lo snob  
5   L'arte mistica del vasaio  
6   Il maestro muratore (ripresa)  
Skies of Europe (Gaslini)
1   Du Du Duchamp  
2   Quand Duchamp joue du marteau  
3   Il suono giallo  
4   Marlene e gli ospiti misteriosi  
5   Satie Satin  
6   Masse d'urto (a Michelangelo Antonioni)  
7   Fellini Song  
    Tempo totale/Total time 62.09


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Giorgio Gaslini e Orchestra
Italian Instabile Orchestra